Online Driving Courses


Master Driving School offers online courses to new drivers who want to get a driver’s licence in Ontario in two aspects. G1 Knowledge Preparation Course and G1 Knowledge Practice Tests will prepare you for the G1 Written Test which is the first step of Graduating Licensing System of Ontario. After you pass your written test at a Drive Test Centre, you must hold your  G1 license for one year, or 8 months if you are enrolled in one of our MTO-approved Online Beginner Driver Education (BDE) Programs. Upon completion of the online BDE, you will be able to have a great discount on your insurance. Take a deep look at each section.


G1 knowledge written test preparation course Master Driving School - Master Drivers - Ontario - MTO approved online beginner driver education
Master Driving School offers a fully online and self-paced G1 Knowledge Preparation Course that includes 270 minutes of training and 15 pieces of G1 Practice Tests. We also offer 600 questions within 15 Practice Tests in multi- languages to provide all you need before the G1 Knowledge Test. Currently, English, French, Hindi, Chinese, Arabic, and Turkish tests are available to take. Other languages, primarily Urdu and Arabic will be available soon.


E-learning online MTO approved beginner driver educations courses lessons with master drivers - master driving school
Master Driving School offers 30 hours of BDE online self-paced modernized, industry-leading, MTO-approved course content for beginner drivers. Within the 30 hours of training, students will learn the skills needed to be a safe drivers, honing these skills in their in-car sessions. This component is completely online and compatible with any mobile device, offering a flexible, self-paced training experience. There is no difference between in-class training and online training.

Master Driving School also offers online safety courses with a solution partner (Topstone Solutions) to the drivers who want to improve their driving skills such as defensive Driving, Back Roads and Trail Driving, Journey Management, Night Driving, Shifting Manual Transmissions, Winter Safety (Working and Driving in snow, ice, extreme cold). Click on each image to see details.

Defensive Driving - Master Driving School - Topstone Solutions

Defensive Driving

This online Defensive Driving Awareness course informs you on how to safely operate your vehicle in all weather conditions,  perform vehicle maintenance, and prepare yourself mentally for driving. An alert, proactive, safety-first approach and attitude can make any road travel safer for ourselves and all others.

Night Driving - Master Driving School - Topstone Solutions

Night Driving

Night Driving is designed to help drivers manage the unique hazards of driving in the dark. Specifically, it covers how drivers might prevent nighttime accidents by paying special attention to their trucks, the road, and themselves.

Towing Trailers - Master Driving School - Topstone Solutions

Towing Trailers

Trailers towed by motor vehicles provide an efficient, convenient way to carry heavy loads but they present challenges to drivers. This online Towing Trailers course is designed to provide an understanding of how towing a trailer affects the vehicle you are driving and what you can do as a driver to stay safe as you tow your load.

Winter Safety (Working and Driving in snow, ice, extreme cold - Master Driving School - Topstone Solutions

Winter Safety

The winter season brings challenges to anyone who works outdoors or drives on the roads. Both working and road conditions can be treacherous, posing risks to health and safety. This course is designed to help learners stay safe while working or driving in snowy, icy, and extreme cold conditions.

Back Roads and Trail Driving - Master Driving School - Topstone Solutions

Back Road and Trail Driving

This course aims to help you become a better and safer driver by providing you with the knowledge required to drive on back roads, trails, or other surfaces that are not conventionally paved, whether it be for your work or for leisure.

Journey Management - Master Driving School - Topstone Solutions

Journey Management

Journey Management is a flexible and dynamic set of concepts that can be used as a tool to make road journeys safer for everyone in your company. It incorporates written policies and a standardized journey planning process to promote and enhance driver safety. This online course is designed to provide an overview of Journey Management principles and provide guidance on how to create or enhance a Journey Management program.